Thursday, 21 February 2008

Let's have a look in Alex's cupboard!

So the good thing about living in Japan is how easy it is to eat healthily, and maintain a balanced and nutritious diet. What with all the rice, fish and vegetables, it's almost as easy to cover all the important food groups as it is to slip on the ice and fall on your ass here in Sapporo. Just take a look at what I found when I cleared out my one, tiny kitchen cupboard:

Chocolate covered coffee beans

Royce Creamy Milk Chocolate Bar

Sparx Magic Colour Changing Popping Candy

Bag of Watagashi (four individually bagged portions of candy floss)

Two small bags of Doctor Who marshmallows

Boiled Strawberry Lollipop

Gummy Hotdog

Peanuts Christmas Hot Chocolate Sachet

Mike Popcorn (actually the best bagged popcorn in the world)

Gummy Bears

Nesquik Magic Straws

Two bottles of Reese's Peanut Butter Ice Cream Topping


Glico hard toffees

...and an unusually detailed chocolate model of a chimpanzee.


What? There was some rice and some instant cup noodles in there too.

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