Thursday, 10 April 2008

The Nexus of Awesome (aka The Wonderleague Shoppe)

So it's perfectly possible that there are some of you who are utterly unaware of the all encompassing joy of Wonderleague. My sister Bunny (being upfront about things) has been toiling away for quite sometime to bring you the best of all possible worlds. A world in which belief-defying vintage, kitsch and collectible goods from throughout history are all available NOW to be bought by YOU. And now her new online store is open.

Go here:

But be warned, don't you go near that L-size Ren & Stimpy T-shirt. I'm having paypal issues right now, but that shit is MINE as soon as I get them sorted. You can have the giant sized Lion-O badge though; or one of the astounding packs of trading cards (Terrorist Attack! For real!); or one of the hand made soft toy cake slices; or something else from her dizzying collection. I know this is only a slice of what she's actually been hoarding too, I would imagine there's a lot more to come.

Her actual website is he-ya:

Her blog where she talks about wrestling far more than you would expect is here:

Hey Bunny! Blog-five! Yeah!

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