Wednesday, 3 February 2010

It's 2010

Whoa! Where am I? What day is it? Did I miss the last season of Lost? Who's the Prime Minister?

No, don't answer that last one. No matter at which point I wake up in the year I probably won't like the answer.

So hey! It's 2010 and what have I been doing? Working! Working and watching awesome movies like:

Crank: High Voltage that is, and District 9 which was exactly as good as everyone and their dog has been telling me. I've been listening to lots of music too, and more importantly working on some 'projects'. Mmm-hmmm, projects.

One of those projects, which I've been working on for about... eh, half and hour as of now is a tumblr (aka a minimi-blog!) that I'm just gonna dump links and stuff at, and we'll see if I post there far more often than I post here! We will see. Anyway it is:

And please to look, though there ain't much there yet.

I'll come back and post the stuff I should really post at some point too, but that'll hold the baying masses for now I dare say.

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