Thursday, 14 July 2011


There was a horrendous disaster in March, and an ongoing situation with the Fukushima No.1 nuclear plant, and unsurprisingly these things have had a massive effect on tourism in Japan. In that no-one wants to come here anymore. And, to be frank, it seems to me more and more that the government have the efficacy of a plywood baseball bad when it comes to confronting this problem. Not least because no-one believes them anymore.

Sad emoticon.

Still, from what I can tell people fearing radiation damage a ways away from the Fukushima plant are over-reacting somewhat. Lady Gaga did her bit, assuring everyone that Japan is safe to come to and as beautiful and awesome as always, and now, impressively the Sapporo City tourism people are doing their bit too with this website:

A design that actually looks quite nice? English and Chinese full functionality? Holy balls, I think I just dropped the crab-leg I was gnawing on! It's a nice website, and what with the updating radiation chart, it's as clear as it can be that Hokkaido is free of carginogens and mutagens and I'm really very impressed with it. Good show Sapporo council.

And Google are doing their bit too, with in-depth street-view things for big Japanese tourist attractions (the cynic in me would say - well if their panoramic shots are that good people might not actually bother with the trip, but that's just silly). They've done a whole bunch of Sapporo things that you can see here:

Google's Sapporo Galleries

I like it, but with the best will in the world Maruyama Zoo is not all that impressive. I mean, it's not even the most impressive zoo in Hokkaido - so many people stay in Sapporo and take the train to Asahiyama Zoo in Asahikawa (a couple of hours away) that they have a themed train with special animal seat-covers. But still it's the thought that counts.

Anyway, come to Sapporo because we're not radioactive and the summer is bearable, as opposed to the rest of Japan.

That is all.


  1. Hey! So, I guess I'm commenting on a pretty random post from a year ago, but this is just what I happened to decide to comment on, so there.

    I just wanted to say thanks for this blog. I just found it today and I've been reading pages and pages of your posts. I'm studying abroad at Hokkaido University with the HUSTEP program for a year, starting at the end of September. They haven't really provided me with much information at all, and I'm kinda freaking out trying to plan things and find stuff to do when I get over there and stuff, so reading your blog has been awesome so far, and I'm pumped to eat at some of these places.

    Do you have any specific suggestions for stuff in the general area of the university? Or activities I should definitely make sure to do while I'm there?

    Again, thanks, and keep writing! :) I'll read them all from now on!

  2. Hey thanks! I'll try and keep writing... I know a bunch of people who are studying or have studied at the university and I'm sure you'll have no trouble finding stuff around there. The Hokkaido University campus is only just North of the city centre too, plus Sapporo is super-easy to get around so you won't be far from anything.

    I was thinking of writing a general 'things to do in Sapporo' post. Maybe I should get on that...