Thursday, 4 August 2011

Sapporo Food: Calcio D'Angolo

I have no idea why I'm blogging so much. I think there's something wrong with me.

Calcio D'Angolo is one of the many places in Sapporo that I went to one time, years ago, and thought - 'Oh, I'll have to bring people here and blog about it coz it's really good' only to never do that. It's an Italian place near the East end of Tanuki Koji, facing the Sosei River, and it serves great food in a simple, stylish, chilled atmosphere. Possibly I missed a trick because this Ziptipz site and the Marriott hotel site, both using most of the same copy, say that it's a place that specializes in handmade deserts. I think that they have handmade desserts, and they look good (though I didn't try them) but I don't know that the place specializes in them... I think it's a (mostly) Italian restaurant. Then, the place is celebrating it's 10 year anniversary this year, so perhaps it started out that way and, maybe you should check out the deserts! And then again, the ZipTipz site does recommend that for cheap food you can go to family restaurants like Denny's, Jonathan's or Skylark when to my knowledge there are no Denny's or Jonathan's in Sapporo. So maybe take the info on that site with a pinch of salt.

Anyway Calcio D'Angolo also comes recommended because they play the best music I've heard (for a restaurant) outside of Cafe Nesco in Kita 24 Jyo. Sinner Cafe in Susukino also plays good music, but every now and then they play RHCP, so that costs them points.

Worst music is anywhere that plays Nouvelle Vague or any CD of bossanova covers of 'unlikely' songs.

I digress.

Calcio D'Angolo used to look out onto the flat temporary cover that they put over the Sosei River while they were not working on it. This year they've unveiled really quite a nice narrow little river park which makes the whole area seem really quite relaxing. Inside, though Calcio D'Angolo is even more relaxing, with super-comfy low chairs (that I can't imagine are good for the digestion, but who knows the Romans always lounged when they ate and everyone says they're smart), low lighting and nice vintage furniture.

I have a feeling that when I went years ago they had a pretty small Italian-only menu. I could be remembering it wrong, but either way they now have a pretty extensive menu that covers Italy, Spain, France and... Japan. That's a little bit of a cop-out guys. Not much of a stretch for you. Above, in a slightly over-exposed photo, you can see the lasagna (LASAGNA! Yuki was super-excited to find anywhere that does a half-decent lasagna in Sapporo), and below is our starter - an avocado and shrimp potato salad thing that was wonderful.

We also got their recommended pizza:

Everything was good, the avocado thing was exceptional and we both really want to go back to explore more of the menu. It's tucked away a little, under an over-hanging roof, but it's not hard to find. And besides, it's on my map! Check it out!

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