Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Public Service Announcement

Hey there, hello there, how are you doing? If you happen to follow this blog, or if a search for something in Sapporo leads you here then thanks for checking the place out. Here is the news.

I've been living in Sapporo for just over six years now, and I love it here but for the time being I'm leaving. Updates here have been sporadic to non-existent for a while now because things have been super busy for me. Possibly hyper busy. I've applied for a post-graduate course, been accepted and so I'll be moving to Europe this month to study. So long for now, Sapporo! It's been a blast.

Originally this blog was just a way to make me write everyday, and over time I decided to turn it away from whatever I was digging that day and towards being some kind of useful site for people living in, or visiting Sapporo. I don't know how successful that was, but I think I helped a couple of people out so it was probably worth it. I eat out a lot and love finding new places to eat, and I hope that a few people found places because of this blog.

Also, blogs are dead too. Everyone knows that.

So I'll go through the map and some old posts and clear away any shops that I know have been closed down. I'll try and write a few more reviews and recommendations and maybe finish the independent cafe list-post thing I was working on a while back. And then I'll leave the blog here with the disclaimer that I don't live here any more, and maybe someone can miss that information, find a cafe they want to check out, and then get pissed off when they turn up and it doesn't exist any more.

Oh, and I'll probably be back here someday because my wife is from here. So I reckon I'll pick things up again then!

You're all alarmingly attractive, talented people. Thanks for reading.


  1. I bumped into your blog recently and I think this is a very nice blog. There are not many foreign residents in Sapporo writing blogs. Thank you for all the updates of this blog. I hope you like the city. All the best to your study from a stranger. :)

  2. found your blog while looking for info on old postcards that i found in the attic of a house we bought several years ago. i have 8 aerial photos of Sapporo (also a postcard jacket). 3 of the postcards are the same as the 3 your Dad sent to you. Additionally i have postcards of 1) Tukisappu Pasture; 2)Hokkaido Prefecture area; 3)The main street; 4)Hokkaido University; 5)Maruyama Athletic Field. The postcard jacket has, on the front, a photo of a red and white prop plane flying over Sapporo, on the reverse is a map of Sapporo, and the inside flap has some writing in Japanese, the only thing in english characters is the phrase "May Flower"--perhaps the name of the plane. if you are interested in seeing these let me know and i will try and take photos of the postcards and send them to you. They look like old Japanese tourist postcards, but might be interesting to you to see more of the way the city used to look. cheryl