Sunday, 16 December 2007

Oh Boy! Snow Again!

Said entirely without irony!

Coz tonight it snowed pretty heavily, but I didn't really notice how much until I went to take my rubbish out. Halfway down the stairs I decided I ought to go back and get my camera, and once outside I decided I ought to go back and get a coat on so that I could stay out longer.

And of COURSE Tara was up, and wanted to make a snowman (see the video that I posted... um, on facebook, sorry!). So at 1.30am we went crunching around and it was beautiful and there was running around Asabu park and a snowball fight (yukigassen in Japanese!) and I fell over and hit my head on a tree, but I'm OK I think! and my new camera fell in the snow, but it's OK I think, and I seem to have bruised my hand and I couldn't feel my fingers and Tara made a snow angel too.

And the snowman turned into a snowbear and I love snow.

The end!

Oh no, wait, not the end, there are pictures too! And I've had to start up a Flickr account coz I bought a new camera and facebook won't accept my pictures. So check that out.

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