Monday, 10 December 2007

The View From Above

Well I had a good weekend, empirically judged on the following experiences:

Doing lots of Christmas shopping for other people, and buying a camera for me. Really though, I promise to only take pictures of frighteningly awesome things, so it's kinda a present for you too...

Catching the train along the coast, where it runs next to the sea, and watching the surfers paddling out through the breakers as the snow started falling.

Eating sweet, sweet sushi. Drinking too much.

Making new friends.

Going out to an outlet mall where we rode a big wheel that gave us a spectacular view of patchy, twinkling lights and a big gap where the sea might have been. Also a nice angle on the patchwork of windows you can see below.

Finding a giant Christmas tree for the second week in a row. And a clock, powered by steam that gave off an enormous "TOOT!" while we were posing by it.

Finding a cavernous kids' hall in the same complex where a giant, police hippo, bouncy castle was being used by only one kid. Her dad was trying to make things more exciting for her though, again, as you can see below.

I hope everyone else had a good one too!

There're some Christmas lights in there too.

"Are you trying to start that shit with me? Huh? Come on you big bastard!"

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