Tuesday, 29 July 2008

I Recommend Comic Books : The Goon

Some time ago a friend of mine, a Robert Minson, recommended to me the comic book The Goon. Robert often speaks in riddles and lies, the better to vex his foes and test his aquaintances; but this time he appears to have been being straight as the proverbial. The Goon is a dazzlingly good work of fiction: equal parts creeping horror, absurd slapstick humour, beautifully weighted pathos, and sickening brutality. It's writer and artist Eric Powell has rocketed to the top of my genius pile for being able to balance the tone so wonderfully. The story of a big, surly, musclebound Goon fighting the forces of evil in a rundown backwater town, dances from grizzly violence to comic absurdity with the lightest of steps. It's an incredible feat. Plus it includes such scenes as:

I think more people should read comic books, and I certainly think more people should read this.

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