Monday, 14 July 2008

From Left-Eye With Love

I bought a T-shirt today for 500 yen, about £2.50. It's an eye-watering aquamarine colour, and it has "Burn the Falcons" written on it in bright pink, and a large print of Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopez from TLC looking sassy. I bought it coz it was awesome, of course, and when I got home I found that it came with a free condom:

Seriously now, I'm running out of words to decribe the world. the condom was hidden in the label's tag, in a cardboard pouch with the motto "Godspeed You!", which at first I thought might be a half-assed steal from Godspeed You! Black Emperor, but now... well...

Is this a reference to the safe-sex gimmick that TLC used when they first arrived, or is it just that this label is for "playaz" who are gonna need a free condom everytime they buy a shirt, coz everytime they wear a new shirt they look so fine that their lady has to bang them as soon as she lays eyes on them? And if it's a label for "playerz"... isn't this T-Shirt a little gay?

Also... Burn the Falcons?

Please help.

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