Friday, 17 October 2008

A nice video from a train and more words with Andy

So Andy, how're your beans?

My beans are cool, of course.

So, today I went to Hokkaido shrine. It was a very nice shrine, but i was attacked by swarms of mosquitoes, which wasn't so nice. After that I went to the Sapporo Beer Museum. I learnt all about how beer is made by snowmen with mouse-like tails, and after that I drank Sapporo beer fresh from the golden river. It was good beer.

Oh, and I had lunch with some lovely people. And then met up with you for sushi dinner.

How about that sushi huh? Special Hokkaido sushi. I bet you never had unicorn nigiri in Fukuoka.

Nope. The Special Hokkaido sushi was delicious, but not so different from Fukuoka sushi. I think Fukuoka has better kampachi. Here, the salmon and hotate might be better.

What did you think of Eminem's new song?

It has no hook. I was a bit disappointed. And he sounds less angry. I like him better when he's angry and stompy.

Something I've been meaning to ask you. It's been a while since I found something crazy and entertaining on TV that I can tune into regularly. SMAPXSMAP never seems to be on when I think it is, and Super Chample, the break-dancing show is like this mythic white whale that I only glimpse through a mist once every few weeks. What do you like watching?

Well, I like those too. Super Chample is seven kinds of ace. I also like Ai-Nori when I can catch it - reality TV featuring some boys and some girls in a pink minibus travelling around the world. The studio presenters pick apart the body language and the things they say. It's fun to see who fancies who, and how it progresses week after week.

Ai-Nori is so incredibly popular, and has been running for so long. I'm always impressed with its longevity and appeal, almost every Japanese girl I know watches it and it seems to have been running since the dawn of television. It's basically a dating show and travel show at the same time. Some boys and girls in a pink van go around the world, getting to know one another, and when they think they've "made a match" they confess their love. If it's reciprocated the happy couple head on home to Japan. If they're spurned, turned away like an unwanted piece of two day old sushi, then they have to go home alone.

Yes, that describes it pretty well.

We are listening to The Research as we write this. What else have you been listening to lately Alex?

Yeah, this is the second time I bought their album, which should tell anyone how good that album is (very good indeed). I was really excited to find the 2nd Art Brut record the other day, and that seems awesome. Other than that, my Zazen Boys fixation continues unabated, I got hold of Vast Aire's new album and that's fantastic, and since I went to see Radiohead I was listening to them a bunch. I was also listening to a bunch of arty indie-rock of the late 90s early 00s before you came, people like Milemarker and Unwound. Andy music wa?

The new Mogwai, the new Marnie Stern, High Places I really like a lot, some Nagisa Ni Te, some UA, and some Melvins.

Is it goodnight Alex?

It is Andy, thanks for writing so much!

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