Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Return to the Zooniverse contd.

So Andy, what were your favourite animals at the zoo?

Well Alex, I really liked the polar bears of course. We were really lucky because when we turned up at the polar bear museum it turned out that it was feeding time for the bears, so we could watch them diving for fish underwater. It was very exciting.

I also liked the hippo a lot. I wondered if he wasn't a little lonely on his own in his little pool of water. But he had a great big smile on his face and looked really peaceful.

I think we both liked the capibaras, even though they looked a bit stupid. They were relaxing in the same enclosure as the spider monkeys. You wanted to see a spider monkey jump on a capibara, or throw a nut at a capibara, just to annoy it. Unfortunately, that didn't happen.

Your favourites were the gibbons. Those guys could swing about on ropes really well. It was fun to watch.

I almost forgot. Another of my favourites was the seals. They swam about effortlessly like big blubbery torpedoes. There was a big glass tube and every time a seal swam up it everybody went "OOOHHH!" and took a picture. Here is your picture, the seal comes out looking like a blob of light in the tube:

I really did like those gibbons (I think they were gibbons). I loved the way they were trying to find the best way to swing from one rope to another, or the way they would try to increase their momentum while swinging and chasing each other round. And also when one fell on the floor I liked the way his arms flopped down like a stuffed toy.

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