Friday, 17 April 2009


Just around the corner from my appartment, on the way to the station, there's a tiny alley lined with tiny little snack izakayas. They're like 10 seater bars that I've always thought it'd be nice to check out, but all of which have a distinctly old fashioned, locals-only feel. I don't know, probably I should've just barged through the door one night, but they've mostly got like four people in them deep in conversation with the owner, or there's someone singing enka or something. Anyway, the whole bunch are pretty seedy looking, but one got bought out and converted into this:

It's called the Fujiyama Rocket and it's owned by the same company that owns the blues bars Famous Door and Buddy Buddy. This one isn't American style, it's strictly Japanese, but it's similarly dressed up to the nines, and tonight on its grand opening that tiny alley was filled with flowers to celebrate. It was a surreal experience on my way home from work. Anyway, it looks like the diametric opposite of a locals bar, so maybe this time I'll check it out.

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