Tuesday, 14 April 2009

When you laugh, when you cry... here comes Mickey Eye

I have written many times about Grant Morrison, and how he's my favourite comic book writer, and thus (since comic books are the greatest of all mediums) probably my favourite writer full stop. For a while now he's been labouring on the big names at DC comics: Batman, Superman, and so on - putting aside the smaller, non-company works that are often his best. Thanks to this though, DC have agreed to publish the second part of Seaguy, and believe me, that is worth all the so-so DC corporate stuff in the world.

Seaguy is the best hero-trapped-in-a-brainwashed-world-of-conformism-that's-secretly-run-by-an-evil-company story ever. And there are a lot of them. It's probably also one of the best man vs. "them" stories ever, and it's mostly in the telling. Reading the first issue of this new mini-series was pure, pure joy for me. One day, I pray, there'll be a Seaguy omnibus, just like nine issues in one book. And I'll buy like three copies, and read it every time I fly, and I'll buy a copy for every person I know, and ninety percent of them will think that it's unreadable insanity, and the other ten percent will see it as the song of the human spirit it is. I love it so much.

So much.

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  1. I always read western comics from right to left, and then after a few pages I realize I've screwed up because nothing makes any sense. Habits from reading tens of thousands of pages of manga die hard, with a vengeance. Actually, you should read the 20th Century Boys manga since you're interested in the story.