Sunday, 5 April 2009

Sapporo Food: Jetset

Jetset is one of those ultra-stylish, design-centric cafes that seamlessly integrate coffee, light food, so-so chill-out music and a small imported stationery store into one trendy little package. These kind of places aren't without their flaws (they're expensive, and when your food or coffee sucks all the design flair in the world can't help you really), but Jetset has been here for a while apparently and it was pretty great.

Jetset's stylistic palette is a very 1960s, mod-on-a-concorde one. They have many euro-centric art and design books and lots of very classy european stationery. I am an actual European (I know, I know, but I try not to let it go to my head) so it wasn't all that special, ("Oh, London? Yeah, been there.") but it looked very nice. One thing places like this really need, is to be very nice to hang-out in for a while, and it was awesome to chill upstairs in one of those window seats and watch people go by on a chilly Sunday afternoon. They even have one of those stunning bubble chairs that I would kill a minor royal for:

You can't sit in it. Of course.

The coffee was good, but not spectacular (I've always got high hopes for places like this, that they might be real coffee obsessives). The food was surprisingly good though. I wasn't waiting with bated breath (I'm not a fan of open-face sandwiches where they pop-up in a non Pete & Pete setting) but the open-face BLT below was really, really tasty.

Yuki's nasi goreng on the right was a bit tasteless apparently, but still I wasn't expecting much and I was pleasantly surprised. It's not like you're going there for a hearty supper anyway, so if you want some good light food, good coffee, and expensive european stationery in a very cool setting I'd recommend the place.

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