Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Sapporo Food: Goody Goody & Maptacular!

Frankly, I'm impressed that I'm still keeping this post a day thing going. So lets see if I can't up the ante on myself a bit as it were and make it something useful. I'm gonna try and write more about restaurants and places in Sapporo and not only that, I'm going to mark them on a freakin' map for you to find. That's a google map y'know, which means that probably you'll probably be able to stroll past on Streetview and invade people's privacy as you do so! The map is here:

And here's the first thing I'm gonna stick on there, a great little fooderie called Goody Goody.

I finish work late, y'know. Late, late, late sometimes and there's is no way on God's Green Earth I'm going to cook on those days, so places to eat out late at night (that aren't ramen) are wonderful, beautiful establishments for me. Goody Goody dropped a flyer through my door saying they were open till 25 o'clock (ahem) so we went down to check it out. They serve simple but delicious food like really great hamburg steak and chicken and rice bowls, and they give you a choice of mixed grain rice which... oh man, sometimes with the rice, I'm glad to shake it up a little. All that white rice... it gives me nightmares. They also do a bunch of kick ass waffles and desserts and lattes and stuff, and most importantly of all, they seem to be trying so hard. Every time we go down there they've added some kind of decor, or something to the menu, or something like that.

They're out of the way, down a side street just North of Asabu Station so I would guess they're scrapping for customers a lot, but I really like the place. They inspired me to sort out that map Idea I had ages ago and to start writing about food again. Even if I'm only giving a pretty brief description to Sapporo denizens, I hope it'll get someone to check it out.

Tomorrow, rest assured, we'll be back to filler material.

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  1. My friend and I went past there that one night you mentioned it, and it was empty except for the staff, so we were too afraid to go in.