Tuesday, 31 March 2009

No Vacancies / Vacancies

You all know what Love Hotels are right? If not, I'm not sure that I should be the one to educate you, let's let Wikipedia do that right here. Ok? Know what I'm talking about? Well there's a Love Hotel just around the corner from where I live called Hotel Royal Tomo. It's not a huge glittering place, it's anonymous enough (although Yuki told me it's pretty infamous for a murder that was commited there that was turned into a TV movie). On the way out for dinner tonight it looked like this:

See that illuminated red kanji letter? "No Vacancies" baby. Don't come a-knockin' when this hotel's a-rockin', if you know what I mean. Then on the way back from dinner less than an hour later:

Blue light - "We have vacancies". That's turnover for you. In whatever way you choose to think of it.

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  1. Actually there's a big ad for that place about 20 feet from our apartment. I always wondered where it was. Now I know, and knowing is half the battle.