Monday, 8 June 2009

Alex Recommends Comics! Scott Pilgrim

So, to return to recommending comics that THE ENTIRE WORLD should be reading (including that shemp wot set me on this mission) I'd like to point you in the direction of Brian Lee O'Malley's ongoing magnum opus Scott Pilgrim :

Dear sir, when you asked me to recommend comic books, you requested single volume works. Scott Pilgrim is currently running at 5 volumes and will conclude at 7, so you may wish to disqualify it from your investigations. HOWEVER, if ever there was a comic book that was specifically designed to hammer your specific pleasure buttons (i.e. indie rock and geekery) until you beg for mercy, this is that comic book. I can't believe it didn't just jump to the front of my mind as soon as you asked. Buy all and read all and you WILL NOT REGRET IT.

That goes for everyone else too, but to the guy who wanted me to recommend comics - Scott Pilgrim is so right up your alley, it's going through your bins.

Thank me later.

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