Monday, 15 June 2009

Greatest Bands Ever #751: The dB's

Sorry about all these "cultural" posts. Things are a little busy and stressful while I try and sort out my... um life. Anyway, virtue lies in the daily application of one's mind to a problem and blogging. Or something like that. Anyway, anyway...

The dB's

The first time I heard the dB's I was just utterly astonished that I'd never heard them before. The first two albums Stands For Decibels and Repercussion (which admittedly, having read that those are the best, I haven't progressed beyond) are staggering feats of power-pop genius. The melodies are so catchy, the arrangements and performances sizzle and pop, everything seems both tossed off and meticulously arranged at the same time. If you like guitar pop, I can't recommend them enough. Well, I can try obviously, but in the end you'd just get bored of me harping on about them and just stop listening.

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