Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Moments from David Arquette's "The Tripper"

Bunny mentioned this again on her blog (as part of her nigh-on inexplicable crush on Tom Jane) and I immediately resolved to watch it (and almost immediately did). The Tripper is a slasher movie set around a free-love music festival in the woods of Northern California, where a murderer dressed as Ronald Reagan is going around chopping up hippies. It's a really good movie!

And, considering I reckon no-one really expects David Arquette to be a fantastic visual stylist, it's also a very good looking movie. The framing and composition throughout is great, adding to the suspense or trippiness, and they've got a fantastic natural set in those woods. Of course it's thoroughly tongue in cheek, and when the bodies start piling up they do so remarkably rapidly, but it's got better pacing that most horror movies at this level. David Arquette sir, I salute you.

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