Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Vanity: Jeremy Scott for Adidas

C'mon now, who at Adidas Originals gave Jeremy Scott a free reign. Whoever you are, you deserve sexual favours, because it's all incredible.

I'm still regretting not picking up this hoodie he brought out last season, that I saw in Tokyo:

And while I was umming-and-aaahhing about it for a while, I've now decided that the Winged Attitude sneakers are also bostin':

Next season's looking just as good with this goddamn beautiful coat:

I want it SO MUCH. Please also note the insane triple-tongued sneakers. Oh my soul.

And the hideously, sublimely stupid concept of boots that look like snowboard boots, but which aren't.

They're terrible... but in a way they're WONDERFUL.

OK, mostly they're terrible.

But still...

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