Saturday, 5 December 2009

Christmas at Sapporo Factory Once Again

So it's December somehow or other, and you know what's in December? Andy's Birthday! And another birthday! Jesus's Birthday! To be honest I was gonna try and avoid harping on about Christm... AH WHO AM I KIDDING I LOVE CHRISTMAS I LOVE IT.

And I love almost everything about Christmas - even Christmas shopping in busy shopping malls. Maybe it's nostalgia for the classic tearjerker Jingle All The Way, but whenever I'm looking at larger-than-normal mall trees and fairy lights... all's right with the world.

I'm not even joking y'know. I'm putting together a Christmas playlist right now, so watch your asses.

Since I've come to Sapporo I always make sure to check out Sapporo Factory, where they have a big tree that plays music and does a light-show every hour. I'm not gonna deny that it's tacky and gauche, but there's no real need to defend it either.

Now, to be honest (and I need to go back and check the reference photos from last year) the Factory tree looks a fair bit smaller than last years. Looked pretty enough when the lights were on though.

Christmas. Commerce. Capitalism. And other words beginning with C.

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