Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Japanese TV Commercial Break - Tarantino Style

So I tune in to watch Music Station, but Music Station is on "holiday" because of the stupid figure skating. Instead however, I caught this:

Now that, is pretty awesome. I mean, I didn't know this was going to happen and I just googled it to find that - shock! - most Western commentators are hung up on the 'shilling' aspect, and mention Brad Pitt shilling for the same company, since the two are easily connected through Inglorious Basterds. That's how journalism works, by the way. Just for the record Cameron Diaz also shills for Softbank, Tommy Lee Jones shows no signs of stopping the BOSS coffee ads, and Robert DeNiro is doing car ads now.

But screw that noise, let 'em shill if they want to. What's awesome is that the Softbank CMs with the White Family are actually really funny. I'm pretty sure that I've blogged about them before, but you can find some of them subtitled on youtube, and they get some really nice jokes out of the fact that the brother is a black guy, the father is a dog and the mother and the sister are Japanese (my favourite being when the daughter's new boyfriend mistakes a regular dog for the father and pisses her dad off). This one is actually less funny, mostly relying on the fact that Tarantino is a goof and his wife shouts at him for it's yuks, but you can't have everything, y'know. In fact, why would you even ask? I just don't get you sometimes. I'm pretty sure Tarantino made up most of what he's doing, but it does look like he put all his famous hyperactivity into it, and it made me smile.

I already got my new phone though, so I don't think I can get hold of that big Otousan speaker thing now.


  1. Did you catch him on SMAPxSMAP? Burapi has an Appalachian hill folk Deliverance beard, and Nakai-kun keeps telling Tarantino to calm down.

  2. No! But I heard about it. Sad I missed it. Were they on BistroSMAP? Did Shingo dress up as someone?