Sunday, 6 December 2009

Sapporo Food: T-Bird Cafe - the American Diner that isn't.

Coming back from Sapporo Factory we stopped in at a common used book emporium, and after having sated Yuki's thirst for paperbacks we were about to head home when we spotted this place, and, since I generally like Japan's take on American food, we thought: Why not?

And I'm very glad we stopped in, but not for the reason that I was expecting. Y'see this restaurant blog isn't really recommending the place for it's amazing food (although the food was fine) but for the somewhat surreal experience of finding an American Style Diner with Elvis on the stereo and all the standard Americana decorations... that serves absolutely no American food at all.

We were baffled - they seem to have whole heartedly embraced the decor of an American Diner while just offering the standard Japanese lunch menu. You can get teishoku (lunch sets) some tonkatsu stuff, Japanese curry and Spaghetti in a very Japanese style. Nothing American about it at all. Except, perhaps, the size of the portions:

That was a hearty meal, and delicious. We didn't even get the large sized meals, and I certainly felt like I got my 750yen's worth. Just... not at all what we were expecting.

I've stuck it on the map, it's really near Ario and the Sapporo Beer Museum, and if you're in the area it would be great if you want a big, simple Japanese meal (everything really was good). But it's not really worth the trip out there by itself. It's just kind of... a surreal experience. Then again, I would love to try the same thing. Open a restaurant with stereotypical Indian restaurant trappings that serves only pizza for example. Perhaps the juxtaposition of food and decor makes things taste... better somehow?

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  1. It's the Susan Boyle Effect: even if you're not the best in the world at something, you can make people think you are, as long as you at first appear to be something else altogether. And yeah, that katsu kare really does look great!