Friday, 11 December 2009

Uchiyama Naohito live at Tower Records

In a slightly surreal turn of events today I caught an awesome live electronic set from Uchiyama Naohito and... another guy whose name I shamefully forgot at Tower Records. I was just popping in there and got collared by Ryuta, who owns the awesome bar Provo and is now in the business of releasing music. "Do you have time?" he asked, to which... y'know what? I did. So I got a coffee and came back to see a really fucking impressive set of downbeat-but-danceable house-inflected electronica (I hate describing electronic music, I have no concept of genres beyond "S'good!" or "M'nah..."):

Tower Records Christmas tree there of course. No one was dancing, but there were quite a few people watching and bobbing their heads. It was fun to see this kind of music in a brightly lit place too of course, coz I could go upstairs and really see how they laid things out:


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