Saturday, 12 December 2009

Sapporo Cafes: Fabulous Cafe

I went to Fabulous Cafe the other day, and thought... wait, have I actually blogged about this place? Or put it on my map? A search of my site says no, I haven't, so I will now.

Fabulous Cafe is a really, really, trendy cafe near to Bus Centre Mae Station, just over the river from the TV Tower (y'know, at the point in Sapporo where there is actually no river, just a road with a river under it, even though the river is still marked on maps). It's actually more a combination cafe/design boutique/men's clothing store - which should give you an idea what it's like. As should this photo:

Sadly I don't seem to have more photos, and it's the kind of place where snapping away might make you feel a little gauche. It's a fantastically cool place where they play nothing but cool music, stock nothing but cool design innovations and cool men's clothes, and you can go and sit in there feeling just... cool.

Of course, it's incredibly expensive.

Well, not so bad really, not like - wincingly expensive. But I know many people who would blanche at the prices for coffee there, and the servings are never what you would call 'generous'. Everything's good though, I took my folks there and I seem to remember my dad saying that the cheese toast (read: cheese on toast) was amazing. He'd have to confirm that though. The coffees are all great though, and I always find the staff there to be incredibly nice too, although, obviously, hipsters. The photo I took up there was from a while ago, and that guy's afro is now long, straight and cool in a totally different way.

The place looks amazing, always, and I think it's really fantastic if you're after a high-end cafe, or just a cool, interesting place to go. They stock D-Bros. stationery, which I love too. But I want to be utterly straight here - it is pretty darned expensive. I never have a problem dropping a little more than usual to go somewhere like this from time to time, but your mileage (as they say) may vary.

I have stuck it on the map, and not before time.


  1. Hi Alex, I enjoyed reading your blog. I have lived in Sapporo for some time now, but haven't been into the cafe scene since settling down and having kids here. This week my girl friends and I (other American mothers living in Sapporo) are hoping to steal away for a lunch together, really this is harder to organize than you would think! Anyway I was hoping to take them to my favorite cafe, Sakura Moon, near Maruyama cemetery, and I wondered if you have heard of it. Does it still exist?!! It is in a converted house, like another cafe you mentioned, I hope it is still there. If you have never gone I highly recommend the experience : )

  2. Thanks a lot Karen! I think I've been past Sakura Moon, but I haven't been inside, and that was a while ago so I've no idea about it at the moment. I hope it's still open for you guys, and I'll try and go there myself.