Thursday, 29 January 2009

David Bowie

So I'm kinda down at the moment because the weather here is so damn... mild. Seriously, I'm a man that loves snow and the Snow Festival is only a week away, and after a few spates of mild weather and even rain there's barely any snow in the streets. I'm keeping everything crossable crossed and I guess we'll see how it looks next week.

So - I turned to David Bowie. About 30% of the pleasure I derive from listening to Bowie is from pissing off my band who all hate him, but recently I've found myself liking him more and more. And even the later stuff, the post-Scary Monsters stuff that I've always thought sucked before, is growing on me a lot. Blue Jean has some great hooks in it! And this:

I used to hate that song and now, terrible video and all, I love it. Seriously, why was Stan Lee selling that couple jewellery? That threw me completely.

I went to cherry pick the best tracks from the three Best of... albums that are organised around different periods of his career and just couldn't be bothered. Instead I cued it all up and found that I liked his later 70's and 80's stuff more now than his 60's and early 70's stuff. I wanted to skip Jean Genie and all that but whenever Bowie does that weird faux-soul yelp or you get that tinny, spiralling, freak-out guitar it kicks ass.

So, to top this off I did some research and dug up some little known facts about David Bowie, I hope they add to your concept of this great artist:

1) David Bowie invented and owns the internet.

2) David Bowie has secret a menagerie hidden in the mountains of Chilean Patagonia. This menagerie contains amongst other things:
Dodos (3)
Unicorns (7)
Trolls (Mountain) (5)
Trolls (River) (3)
Dragons (1)

3) There are actually many David Bowies, although these are not played by actors, but are alternate Bowies from parallel earths. This explains Bowie's many stylistic changes - each version of Bowie comes from a different dimension, although in their own dimension each one is considered somewhat conservative and something of a dullard.

4) David Bowie killed and ate Lou Reed in the early 80s. Luckily the Bowie of Earth 542 was a Lou Reed impersonator and the world was none the wiser.

5) Despite a period in the 80s in which he was heavily influenced by soul music, Bowie does not in fact possess a soul.

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