Sunday, 11 January 2009

I endorse the following products

People look at me - in the street, you understand, people I never met before - and they say "What do you recommend?" Well let me tell you, my opinion ain't cheap. I'm not one of those guys who can be swayed into liking an object just because that object's creator offers me a shiny, shiny fifty pence piece. That's not how I roll.

So you know that when I allocate the kudos, it's got weight behind it. Or that these are some things that made my hungover-alter-ego (I call him "The Reluctant Alex") pretty happy yesterday. One of those two.

My folks sent me the first season of Pushing Daisies on DVD for Christmas. I'd never heard of it, but assumed that since it featured Anna Friel (whose name I cannot think without putting it to the hook from Madonna's Ray of Light) it was a British show. Turns out it's American and after one episode it's really great and right up my street. I mean, it's a little too winsome at times, and tries far too hard to be quirky - but that only stands out so much because so many shows are entirely bereft of joy. Of course it's been cancelled, but it looks like they got about 24 episodes out of it which is a pretty satisfying amount. People shouldn't try to push these things for seven series, they invariably suck at times. Bless the British shows that could hit it and quit it at six episodes a series and to hell with the American network system that necessitates six-month seasons.

Q-Tip's new album The Renaissance is awesome. I got a tip from Kanye, who seems to have taken to posting MP3s of other people's music on his blog as well as his own, and the whole album is just as good as that one stellar track.

I heartily endorse Uniqlo roomwear. It's not strictly pajamas, it's for "being in your room" I guess, but it works damn well as winter pajamas which was something I sorely needed. I'd steer clear of all that fleece stuff though, that can't be healthy to sleep in. Go for the cotton-y looking stuff, it's improved my quality of life no end. Also interestingly enough Uniqlo have bucked the trend in terms of that global economic downturn, which probably means they're going to be making everyone's clothes before too long. Might as well get used to them now.

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