Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Two Hundred and Thirty Six Dollars and Thirty Two Cents of Beef Jerky

A few weeks ago I mentioned going hog wild on Amazon. I ordered a bunch of books I couldn't find over here and they completed their journey over the Atlantic from the jolly old USA to Japan to my doorstep today. Of course on the journey the box apparently got accidentally torn open (in a surprisingly... linear fashion) and Japanese customs had to reseal it and stick a sticker on it. So when I opened it I took a look at the Amazon invoice to check everything was present and correct. Except...

I blurred out all of the details of course, but lets just say someone in Princeton ordered $236.32 of beef jerky in eight, sixteen-ounce bags and a variety of flavours. And I assume that this guy in Princeton now knows that someone in Japan ordered David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest, Chuck Palahniuk's latest and a bunch of comic books. I mean in some sort of "Medium Sized Dry Goods" metaphorical sense I probably ordered $236.32 of beef jerky - but I'm pretty sure that Amazon don't label their invoices symbolically.

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