Tuesday, 13 January 2009

I want to punch Kuro-san from Theater S in the goddamn face.

We have another contender! Most weeks, as I hope you're aware, I try to watch the Godly Super Chample which is broadcast on one of the local stations (HTV? STV? I'm ashamed to say I'm not exactly sure) at around 1am. But to get to Chample I have to get through Sapporo's movie show Theater S. Don't get me wrong, I love movie shows, but this one is presented by this dude.

Kuroiwa, or Kuro-san who is one of those gurning, mugging TV presenters who... you just want to punch right in the face. He often dresses up as characters from current movies in a phenomenally irritating manner, but I was inspired to add him to "The List" today when he was wearing no costume, and doing nothing more than introducing the show and I just blurted out: "God this guy pisses me off." Seriously, I... I don't want to analyse it too much, it'll lose it's magic. Let's just say he gets on my fucking nerves and leave it at that. Perfect. Beautiful.

I guess since he's from Sapporo there's a far higher likelihood of me running into him and, y'know, being forced to clean his clock than there is of me running into the other guys on my list. The list by the way is Satoshi Ohno from Arashi, that high school golf prodigy and Kuro-san. Look sharp Kuro-san... I'm in town already.

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