Saturday, 31 January 2009

Spidey vs. Kitaro! International pop-culture showdown!

We were in Fugetsu, eating okonomiyaki,and I got up to go to the loo and I was all like "Where is the toilet anyway?" And James was all like "Use your Spidey-sense", which is... I mean it's not strictly accurate, it's Spider-sense for the most part, and it warns him of danger or untoward goings on, it doesn't guide him to the bathroom. But I'm happy to let it slide coz it's a good pop-culture reference:

But Yuki tells me they have a similar reference in Japanese pop-culture, although it's more about your hairstyle than senseing danger. Kitaro from GeGeGe no Kitaro has a hair that stands up whenever monsters or spirits are around, and people say "Youki tatteru yo" when a bit of your hair is sticking up, like "Oh your monster-sense is standing up"

I guess it's not used in quite the same way, but it's a pleasing piece of symmetry nonetheless.

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