Thursday, 22 January 2009

Massive Screaming Metal Beasts!

Tonight on the way home I was witness to a vertiable clash of titans - a tete-a-tete of horrific technological monsters. They were breaking up and taking away the snow on the road near my appartment.

They have two big fuck-off machines. One has a blade hanging down from what looks like a horizontal crane arm and it goes along smashing up the packed snow into pieces. Then it reverses out of the street and a regular, albeit huge, bulldozer scoops all the broken bits of snow up and clears them away. Then the bulldozer reverses - really fast actually! - and the snow-breaker-upper comes forwards again. It's quick, efficient and looks really well drilled.

The sound that the bulldozer made scraping away the broken snow was bone rattling though. It drags its huge metal scoop along the asphalt as it goes and I was right next to it, wincing when I snapped that picture above. But this just serves to highlight something that should be remarked upon more - people work really hard in Sapporo just to make it through the winter.

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