Saturday, 12 September 2009


This Saturday post is brought to you by the grace of the following Thursday! Whoops!

Almost a week without a post. And I don't have a job right now!


At least I'm not killing time on this thing! (read: I'm killing time
on other things) Actually I have finally been hitting something of a groove with some writing and music, so I'm gonna keep chasing that rainbow and not worrying too much about this. A-a-a-and to be honest, I'm kinda thinking of knocking this blog on the head at 500 posts. Um, not to beg for validation or anything, but if you ever read it and enjoy whatever it is I'm writing about here let me know. Anyway Bruce Sterling says the death of the blog is imminent (I think he said that...) and by no means do I want to be here when the party gets lame.

Ok, I'm gonna get up now, my knees are getting muddy.

For now - business as usual.

Philip K. Dick's The Transmigration of Timothy Archer was just as good as "Teenage" Longarini told me. Prior to this I'd only read Dick's sci-fi works, but this exploration of madness, inspiration and the human mind was just as thought provoking.

Jay-Z's The Blueprint 3 has been getting solid reviews from what I've seen (except from Pitchfork, but then, whaddatheyknow?), and from the tracks that got released before it came out I was pretty excited. And for me, after an initial three listens (I had to turn it off because they're cutting up the road outside my appartment with giant circular saws at the moment, which is just as grating as you would think) it doesn't disappoint at all. When I got round to American Gangster, which folks said was better than Kingdom Come, I was underwhelmed. But with Blueprint 3 I am, dare I say it, a little overwhelmed. Just a little. That 9-11 bit is tremendous, but then, the last track featuring Mr. Hudson is fucking awful.

And my friend Jesi finally moved back to America, taking little Kame-san here with her. I'll miss the little bastard and his cold, calculating reptilian stare. I think if I ever do get a pet, it might well be a cold blooded one.

About pets in general - I forgot that having a pet means you have something that you can pretend to talk to when you're actually talking to yourself. Now that the turtle's gone, I back to just plain talking to myself again.

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