Friday, 4 September 2009

Death of Polaroid / Moment of Silence

A great photo feature in the Guardian this week alerted me to the fact that the last batch of film manufactured for my beloved polaroid camera (that I have owned for approximately four months) apparently expires at the end of the month. Since I still have two film "cartridges" for the beast I guess I should use 'em up. I'm not too fussed though, I imagine that I can push that expiry date a bit, as you can with most dry goods.

Still I took the hefty thing with me when I went out yesterday, and I reckon I'll burn through those last two films pretty quickly. Here's the end of the first film I bought:

And here's what's left to use - hungry, gaping maw and all:

The, ah, guitar isn't actually essential for taking photos of course. My appartment is just pretty messy at the moment. Ideas for projects involving twenty polaroid photos would be very welcome.

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