Thursday, 3 September 2009

J-Pop? Actually not that pop at all...

Oh hello? How are you? Here is the Japanese music that you ordered. Yes, yes you did. I have the docket right here. Is this your signature? Isn't it? It isn't? Look again... here... look, the light is better in the back of the van... no really just step up there. Ok, a little further in, there's a flashlight. Yes, in the back of the van. Don't worry.


(sound of engine starting and tyres screeching)

Ok now where were we?

Qolomangma Tomato
are a band I meant to check out a while ago, but didn't. Instead fate waited for today and used Matt Longarini to send them my way:

I'm getting good vibes off this group, and will keep an eye on them. I'm getting Refused a little, and a nice sense of humour and DIY spirit. Good.

GreenAppleQuickStep (not to be confused with the American band of the same name, oh man, that's a growth inhibitor for you) were playing at Magical Camp when I walked past. I didn't want to drag people to a halt to watch this off-beat-atonal-psychy-blues nonsense, but I swore I'd check them out online. I have and they are good, and two years ago they played a gig in one of Sapporo's trams which is awesome:

That gives you some idea, a better one can be formed at their myspace above. Ah myspace, you're only good for bands now. You're just dying slowly, covered in sores.

青空教室 (Aoizora Kyoushitsu - Blue Sky Class) are the poppest band we'll be visiting today. Again, I saw a little bit at magical camp and there's something in the songs I like. They don't have much youtube presence, just like GAQS above, but here's an acoustic thing that might help:

Very melodic! We saw them electric though and it was probably better - so listen to their myspace tracks. And when we saw them after their set we waved and their drummer ran over and was very happy we liked the music. Very happy!

Todays last lesson begins with me watching Tokyo Gore Police, continues with Matt and I being absolute research ninjas, and ends with us finding the weird psych-prog-punk girls who contributed some tracks to the movie. Final score - Hahalemon:

That's strange and wonderful, and I can't find any info about them in English, just lots of mysterious looking business in Japanese.

Ok, that's it, class dis...missed.

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