Tuesday, 15 September 2009

J-Pop MEG Video Special

This Tuesday post took a stroll from Thursday coz I was behind...

A short time ago I plotzed (I believe I plotzed, I believe that's the right term, perhaps it's intransitive though) about Yasutaka Tanaka and his ridiculously awesome electronic pop music. Well at the time I also found that almost all of the videos from MEG, of whose music he is the main producer, are utterly fabulous.

I fucking hate cats, and even I think that's a fun video. Maybe coz the cats are kind of being tortured...?

And the music for the last one I wanted to post was, surreally enough, produced by the British band Hadouken. However that video has been rendered unembeddable by the tools at Universal Music Japan so you'll have to go view it here (it's worth it, it has a fake band of male models, much like the Deichkind Luftbahn video, which is also, stupidly, unembeddable, and a bit with a giant cigarette). I'm not saying that they shouldn't control their property however they like, it's just that youtube, and music videos in general, are just one big publicity machine. They are a hugely powerful way to market your wares and if you are allowing the content online, but stopping people from embedding the videos then you're essentially saying "No! We only want some people to see our adverts! If more people see our adverts then more people might want to buy our product and then where would we be?" I can only assume that youtube pays more money to the copyright holders when people watch the videos directly on the site, rather than embedded in another site, otherwise it's just complete internet fail on behalf of the record company.

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