Friday, 18 September 2009

Sapporo Food: Hiri Hiri (Firi Firi?) Soup Curry

In Japanese of course, Firi Firi and Hiri Hiri are pronounced in exactly the same way, so it makes very little difference really. Still I'm curious how I'm supposed to read this font:

Hiri Hiri has a couple of branches I think, and I went to the one in Odori. It's in the basement of some huge building, but is pretty easy to find - there being a big distinctive sign outside like the one above. I dig that Oh! Do-Ri thing by the way. Fun. Anyway it's right next to the Starbuck that's along from Central, if that makes any sens to you. If it doesn't - there's always a map.

It was delicious, and I wasn't disappointed at all. The thing about eating lots of soup curry and finding your favourite ones is that every now and then you go somewhere new and it winds up being a total let down. Hiri Hiri has a relatively thin soup, with a light, spicy flavour kind of like Voyage in Kita 24 Jyo. I had a good medium spice level, but I'd guess that if you want anything really invigorating you'd have to pay extra to amp it up, and the photo you're looking at is a vegetable curry with chicken-wing gyoza on top. Not quite sure what that was - possible a chicken-skin gyoza with bones attached to act as a handle? Delicious anyway.

Hiri Hiri doesn't get into my top five Soup Curry restaurants (none of which I've written about here for some baffling reason) but it's definitely worth going to if you're craving soup curry in the city centre.

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  1. I just ate at Picante, and ordered the fried chicken boneless curry, with extra pumpkin and ordered it the hottest they could make it. The soup was excellent, although I should have ordered extra broth. The curry soup was damn tasty and very spicy, it had about 10 whole small chili pepper in the broth which I happily took down. I give this meal a 8 out of 10.