Sunday, 13 September 2009

Liminal State Waste Services

This Sunday post brought to you with electronic hindsight from the following Thursday.

Over on Loom I actually uploaded a little music.

Loom is the creative blog that used to be five people and is now down to pretty much Paul writing his amazing, bewildering, fugue-state story of death and rebirth and death and rebirth. It's fantastic stuff and for some reason reading it reminds me of an infinite video loop in which a butterfly comes out of a chrysalis again and again forever. No, not a butterfly, something more sinister.

Here's what I posted over there - with luck the player will work and you'll be able to download the thing from there.

Liminal State Waste Services

Track copyright Alex Williams 2009, even though I don't remember how I made those noises.

I was going through my old recordings on the 4 track and found the tracks on there. It's a whole lot of nothing much, messy and simple, but I like the minimalism of it and I'm gonna try adding vocals and maybe making the whole thing longer.

On a side note I need to find out more about recording software. I'm using Audacity at the moment, which is good enough for all the bare minimum stuff, but I'm gonna need some good loop-making software I reckon. Recommendations appreciated.

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