Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Comics Stuff : Thanks for the geekgasm Jason Aaron

So apparently someone gave Jason Aaron (a writer who has been impressing me greatly recently with his quality, manly, comics) the keys to my comic geek subconcious, because he picked out pretty much my favourite two semi-obscure recent Marvel characters to star in his spuriously titled "Wolverine" one shot. I mean, Wolverine doesn't exactly do a great deal, while the limelight is comprehensively stolen by Fantomex:

...the French (or faux-French), gun-toting, amoral, mutant, super-thief with the external nervous system; and Marvel Boy, the fascistic, half-insect, super soldier from another dimension:

Both of whom were created by Grant Morrison during his brief tenure at Marvel where he almost turned the X-Men into the powerhouse of ideas and excitement that they should be, before someone screwed something up and he went back to DC. I mean, considering the absolute farce that surrounded the lead-up to Infinite Crisis, DC aren't much better at utilising his talents, but at least they're letting him do exactly what he wants on the books he's writing.

Anyway, Marvel have built massively on the work that he did for them in recent years, but every time they pull out a character like Fantomex or (especially) Marvel Boy, I hold my breath because I really love those characters and while I try not to be unreasonably geeky about these things I don't want to see them fucked up. Jason Aaron fails to fuck the pair up in this comic so spectacularly, that it ends up absolutely amazing.

Seriously, if the world could be twisted to the extend that I could get a Fantomex / Marvel Boy monthly team-up written by Aaron, I would buy the shit out of it.

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