Sunday, 15 November 2009

Japan Food: Kit Kat Watch!

While back in Mother Engerland one of the things that tickled people was hearing about the crazy-balls flavours of Kit Kat they have here (Sports Drink, Apple Vinegar, Sweet Potato etc.) While many products go out of their way to try variant packaging and limited time flavours (someone once told me that it's a commercial fact that Japanese consumers will always buy more of a new, limited flavour, something that I've often seen for myself), I really feel that Nestle Japan are constantly striving to evolve the Kit Kat into some kind of future-space-food where any meal can be created with four sticks of chocolate and wafer.

And I come back to Japan to find that they've paid tribute to my trip home!

My review - again, smell is probably the easy bit, so it certainly smells like Royal Milk Tea. Strange to say that I've eaten sweets and breaded products with a Royal Milk Tea flavour before in Japan too, so the flavour wasn't really that much of a surprise for me, and it wasn't that nice either. Like white chocolate with a faint aftertaste of tea... I won't be picking up another pack.

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