Thursday, 5 November 2009

Englanding #17 : TV Times & Guy Fawkes Night

Despite the glorious opportunity of being in the country to attend our annual celebration of failed terrorism I didn't actually go to any bonfire nights this year. I did however get to see a whole lot of fireworks because they were going off bloody everywhere. For at least three nights coming and going to different places I could see them shooting up from gardens and parks and behind buildings, even in the pouring rain. I don't think any of them matched the sheer bombast of some of the shows I've seen in Japan, but hearing explosions coming from all over the place was really awesome, and more impressive in a different way.

Watching TV has been a mixed bag. I was reacquainted with Anne Robinson and The Weakest Link, and - oh yeah, it's the most hateful, sickening, disgusting show on TV. Watch a bunch of regular people get insulted in the most dim-witted way imaginable by a moron who could probably answer barely any of the questions she asks. I felt nauseous watching it.

On the other hand Harry Hill's TV Burp, where he decides which of two arbitary objects, people or animals is the best by staging an actual fight, seems to have just got better and better:


Also of note is this trailer for the kids Doctor Who spin off The Sarah Jane Chronicles. One of the biggest news stories since I've been back has been the big postal strike, and the unfortunate timing of this trailer makes it look like the reason is that the postmen are aliens, and Sarah Jane's solution is to shoot them in the fucking throat:

I mean, easy tiger.

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