Friday, 27 November 2009

Moments from Crows: Zero II

Crows: Zero II - the sequel to the hit movie prequel to the popular manga series about high school boys hitting each other, was pretty good fun as far as movies about twenty-something men playing high-school boys hitting each other go. If you're a fan of cute Japanese boys I would say that the thing is a veritable jamboree, and for me as a fan of punching in the movies, it was heartily enjoyable. It was too long, and spent too much time revelling in some of the 'character traits' and rivalries that it set up in the first film, but still - fun.

Of course when there is approximately one female character in the movie (who does even less than she did in the first film) it's gonna be impossible to avoid some kind of homoeroticism:

Although that guy, front and centre, was a nice addition to the cast that allowed them to play around with that whole - men liking manly men thing. Though sadly:

And the bromance between the two leads finally blossomed too:

Yeah, bromance, I used it without blinking. Get over yourselves. The movie was basically an extension of the first, a cartoonish coming of age piece where delinquent youths try to come to terms with what it is to be a 'man.' And it was about cute boys punching each other.

That of course, less of a draw for me than it might be for some, but I am seriously considering renaming this blog "Gay For Yamada Takayuki" because seriously, that guy may be short, but he's just insanely cool:

Or maybe a "Fuck Yeah, Yamada Takayuki" tumblr? God, he's amazing. Swoon etc. Last week I was in an office where they called for a guy with the same name. Seriously, I heard "Yamada Takayuki" and almost fainted. Must suck to be that guy at the moment though.

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  1. wait a god damn minute here, how did I manage to write this post when I still haven't even watched the first Crows Zero?? Oh, whats that? this is YOUR blog?! my mistake.

    The line between your blog and my blog is getting so faint we might as well put a carpet over it.

    Hey, morbid thought, if we were to die at the same time we could have a joint headstone with the inscription "The Williams Children - Lovers of cute Japanese Boys and movies with lots of punching"

    Just a thought.

    also I would have liked to see the "who the hell are you" screengrab before the "I'm not a homo" to imagine that was the conversation that was taking place.

    I really need to watch the first one already.