Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Englanding #22 : Funny Men

So, hi, well, yes. I remembered something that had changed when I went back to England, to wit: Comedians! YES! Apparently while I had been over here filling my head with Japanese comedians and celebrities in order to... oh, I dunno, facilitate my ascension to some kind of pop culture God-Node, a whole bunch of British comedians "came up through the ranks". Most of them seem to have started their careers while I still lived in England, but only to have come to prominence in the last two years. Also the show on which many of them seem to appear: Mock the Week, which I think I saw a couple of times before I left and thought was sort of crap, but seems to have found its feet and, y'know, can't argue with 7 series and counting, can you?

And there was a whole new stand-up show "Live at the Apollo"! Man, leave the country for two years, the things you miss out on. Here's Michael McIntyre, who is unfeasibly popular and whom I had never heard of before I left:

My parents were both like: "You've never heard of Michael McIntyre!?" Here's Russel Howard, whose name rings a bell but I don't think I'd ever seen:

And here's Frankie Boyle, who I had never heard of and now apparently he's famous enough to get his autobiography in Tesco. He's offensive!:

Which sadly seems to get in the way of him being funny all the time. That's a pretty spectacular one though.

Watching British panel-show comedies, it does strike me now that they do operate in a fairly similar way to a lot of Japanese comedy shows - essentially just acting as a showcase for stand-ups, but in a slightly different way (team based quiz shows as opposed to variety free-for-alls).

Oh, I should mention, all these guys seem to be pretty funny too! Good show!

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  1. I've seen that "It's political correctness gone mad" bit before by that fellow with the show.

    Also the part where they are mean about Richard Hammond, the dude on the left who just laughs is the host of spicks and specks, the Australian version of never mind the buzzcocks.