Friday, 20 November 2009

Product Review: Pepsi Azuki

Ok now, WTF? What. The. Fuck. I leave the country for less than a month, and nobody (except Yuki) thinks to tell me that this hit the shops? -

Did I not make my love of novelty flavours and ill-advised limited edition taste experiments obvious enough? Azuki flavoured Pepsi, and no-one noticed? I find that hard to believe.

Azuki, for those not in the know is another very Japanese flavour - a sweet bean that is made into a paste and often used to fill sweets and cakes and sweet cakes and cake sweets. My gut feeling is that azuki is a better fit for a soft drink than shiso, but better in the way that an otter is better suited to space travel than an anteater - i.e. neither of them should really be operating in the field being discussed.

And taste wise, yes, Azuki Pepsi is better than Shiso Pepsi. For a start the shiso flavour pretty much only stretched to the smell, the actual drink itself wasn't so distinctively flavoured, whereas the azuki smell and taste are pretty strong throughout the 'drink experience' here. Yuki agreed that it really did taste like azuki, but still thought it was pretty horrible. I thought over all it was... ok. It's actually not bad at all, and if you're after an azuki flavoured soda then - my friend this product is for you.

Problem being, hands up who's really craving azuki flavoured soda?

Thought so.

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