Monday, 9 November 2009

Englanding #21 : Pizza Pie

Pizza pie is just a quaint Americanism for pizza right? It's not like some special pizza/pie hybrid whereby they make a pie with a pizza on top or something?

Anyway, interestingly the food that I ate most of while back in England (oh yeah, filling up the backlog again, seven days late!) was pizza. I had Domino's a couple of times, pizza from Marks & Sparks and Pizza Express and all of them were amazing and, frankly, ten times better than any pizza I've had in Japan. Sad truth - no great pizza in Japan, the best it gets is good enough.

Domino's particularly was a revelation. It was always a mid-practice meal or snack for my band, but I'd never really compared it to other pizza's in a serious way. This time, I've gotta say that the thin, greasy, unhealthy mess that Domino's presents as pizza was one of the best things I ate. Specifically:

"The Sizzler" Now, The Sizzler is off most Domino's menu's now I think, but luckily they still knew how to whip one up when I asked. Pepperoni, spicy chicken, jalapenos, some kind of spicy sauce. It's like the saltiest thing in the world and I was so happy to make its acquaintance once more. Of course combine that with the ludicrous "Dominator" base (two bases with cheese in between) and you have one of the greatest pizzas ever. And you can take that to the bank.

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