Tuesday, 9 December 2008


Today, I've been kinda knocked flat by a busy day, a crippled and useless right arm and the discovery that Zazen Boys, my favourite Japanese band, played in Sapporo two weeks ago and I didn't even hear about it. Makes me realise how out of touch I can get with music here, and how I have to work hard just to keep up on releases and tours. There's enough fucking posters about Oasis' upcoming show in March though, no fear.

Actually, I'm pretty impressed with that. Foreign tours to Sapporo are few and far between so the fact that they're coming up here is pretty cool. I don't think I'll be checking them out though.

Still, today =

Picture from riotclitshave, the kind of photo blog which helps you express emotions for which there are no words.

EDIT! Having stated that last week's was one of the greatest TV shows ever, I also forgot to watch Super Chample. Bah.

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