Tuesday, 23 December 2008

The snow, it kept falling

Happy Birthday Akihito! Today was the current Emperor's birthday, which means it's a national holiday, so me and Yuki went snowboarding/short skiing. Yuki has these kinda half-length skis that don't require sticks and she was incredibly comfortable and natural swooshing from side to side down the mountain while I slowly ground down that learning curve.

The coolest thing today was the weather, it just did not stop snowing from the moment we got there to the moment we left. Here, Yuki demonstrates:

The theory here is that snow falls from the sky in big clumps and thus you have fresh snow to ski or snowboard on all day! Genius! Also, since it was a national holiday there were ten times as many people as I've ever had to deal with before and this time I was involved in zero collisions (last time a couple of people ran into me). I did still fall over a few times and, yes, fucked up my arm again as was probably inevitable, but it was very good practice for snowboarding around people without hitting them. Also, more snowboarders and skiers meant more beginners so there were some people worse than me, which was a new experience.

And yes, this next picture - while it seems blurry and possibly faked - is an actual shot of me snowboarding, caught by Yuki:

Hey! Guess what? It's totally Christmas eve tomorrow.

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