Sunday, 14 December 2008

Musical Christmas Portents

I'm gathering evidence that Christmas is almost upon us. Number one: it's snowing like a bastard right now - super light, fluffy, powder snow that jumps into the air when you stamp your foot in it. It's beautiful and it fell so fast, we went into a karaoke box for an hour and it hadn't even started. When we came out it was already more than an inch deep and bucketing it down. Of course it's all floating on a bed of ice so... down I went. Sapporo 1 - Alex 0. Ow.

Other Christmas signs - live music in the freezing open air:

School kids playing Christmas Carols on these little hand chime things. And outside PARCO department store a lady was playing the piano. She was wearing ear muffs, but her fingers must have been very cold.

Also I made the first batch of eggnog of the year and it went down very nicely indeed. Merry Christmas!

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