Sunday, 21 December 2008

Christmas Tree Showdown!

Today your duty is to judge the festive battle of the century, if not the new millenium. In one corner, clocking in a really-fucking-tall and covered with approximately twice as many lights as there are stars in the night sky, it's the Sapporo Factory Christmas Tree:

It plays a Christmas medley every half hour and the lights blink and flash in time to the music. It's like the tree itself is dancing. Although I have to say the music this year was much more cloying and annoying than last years festive bell jamboree.

Aaaaaand in the other corner, clocking in at 30cm and costing the princely sum of 500 yen (around three quid) is my very own Christmas cracker:

Dwarfed by the secret santa present that I put next to it, "Small Tree" as I affectionately call it nevertheless brings festive cheer to my appartment as never before.

So decide, which one is the true spirit of Christmas?

Merry Christmas once again.

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