Monday, 22 December 2008

SMAP X SMAP Christmas Special

The SMAP X SMAP Christmas Special was just on, a timely reminder of the SMAPs at this, the most magical time of the year. It was the sort of thing they do for special occasions, a long live special where they duet with hit singers of the past on their most famous songs (sometimes in a medley!). They all wore clothes that pushed "stylin'" to it's very limits throughout, and although I couldn't get any good shots trying to photograph the TV, I still captured Nakai's "Tartan Pee-Wee Herman get up:

As I said before, I have a big ol' soft spot for the SMAPs, but that doesn't obscure the fact that they really can't sing, have no grasp of harmony and their dance-steps tonight were studiously unadventurous. But a lot of work must've gone into that wardrobe so maybe that covers it.

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